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How to solve Macbook Bluetooth mouse freeze?


The mouse freezes when moving horizontally or vertically.

Situation analysis:

Before and after the lagging occurs, there are two changes in the Mac system and peripheral hardware settings.

1. Before the failure, a network cable was used to access the Internet, and WiFi was turned off.

2. The usb3.0 HUB was not used before the failure.

Picture[1]-How to solve the problem of Mac Bluetooth mouse freezing? -Rvich Magazine

Status confirmation:

1. Turn off WiFi alone, the lag situation is greatly improved, and the lag frequency is very low.

2. Remove Usb3.0HUB alone, the lag state is slightly improved, and the lag frequency is reduced.

3. Turn off WiFi and remove Usb3.0HUB. There is basically no lag and the problem is solved.

Some netizens raised questions:

1. This problem occurs when only the mouse occurs on the computer. The keyboard and trackpad do not have any problems.

2. On one computer, the keyboard and mouse will be stuck and disconnected at the same time. You need to wait about 10 seconds for Bluetooth to reconnect. If a wireless headset is connected at the same time, it will also be disconnected and reconnected.

You can try the following:

1. Change the router and use the 5G frequency band for WiFi.

2. Use shielded Usb3.0HUB