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free PHP space collection and free virtual host

 A friend left a message and recommended some free space to me. I found that many friends really have a "need" for free space, so this article specially collects and organizes a batch of reliable free space for everyone to use.

There are a lot of free spaces on the market, but there are only a small number of free spaces that are easy to use and worthy of long-term collection, and there are still various problems in the free space, such as some free spaces will delete accounts without reason, and some free spaces cannot be bound. Fixed domain name, some free space will be forced to add everyone must keep their eyes open when choosing free space.

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PS: Update record.

1. Summary of free space

nameTypes ofcapacityflowoperateengine roomtutorial
freehostia.comPHP250M6G>10 yearsUnited Statesno yet
alwaysdata.comPHP100M1G>10 yearsUnited Statesno yet
000webhostPHP300M3G>10 yearsUnited Statesno yet
Freehosting.comPHP1G1G>10 yearsUnited Statesno yet
XreaPHP1G1G>10 yearsJapanXrea space
Award SpacePHP250M5G>10 yearsUnited Statesno yet
Byet.hostPHP1G50G>10 yearsUnited Statesno yet
FreeWebHostingAreaPHP1.5Gunlimited>10 yearsUnited Statesno yet
Infinity FreePHPunlimitedunlimited>2 yearsUnited Statesno yet
Vercel.c omstaticunlimitedunlimited>3 yearsUnited StatesVercel space
Netlify.comstaticunlimitedunlimited>3 yearsUnited Statesno yet
Render.comstaticunlimited100G>1 yearUnited Statesno yet
Cloudflare Workersjs1Glimit request>2 yearsUnited StatesWorkers application
Cloudflare Pagesstaticunlimitedunlimited>1 yearUnited Statesno yet
GitHub Pagesstatic1G100G>10 yearsUnited Statesno yet
Gitlab.comstatic5G10G>5 yearsUnited Statesno yet
OracleVPS100Gunlimited>3 yearsAmerica and JapanOracle
AzureVPS64Gunlimited>5 yearscountriesMicrosoft Azure
AWSVPS5Gunlimited>10 yearscountriesAmazon EC2

2. How to use free space

There is no such thing as a free lunch! Remember to back up your website more!