Why you need an AI smart assistant for your job


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In today's fast-paced work environment, we often need to complete a large number of tasks quickly, so finding effective solutions is becoming more and more important. This article will introduce what using an AI smart assistant can improve your work efficiency, and provide consulting advice on choosing the right smart assistant for you.

1. The concept and advantages of smart assistants

AI intelligent assistant refers to a computer program that can imitate a specific human behavior, judgment and thinking process. Unlike traditional software and apps, AI smart assistants are able to process and understand complex information to better serve our needs. The advantage of an AI smart assistant lies in its ability to automate processes, collect and analyze data, manage tasks, and improve efficiency.

2. Application of AI assistants in work

Automate processes to improve efficiency: AI smart assistants can simulate human operations and automatically execute a large number of monotonous and tedious tasks, thereby reducing working time and error rates.

Data collection and analysis: AI smart assistants have good data processing capabilities, which can help us summarize and analyze large amounts of data, so that we can better understand our business.

Task management and improving efficiency: AI smart assistants can help us improve work efficiency, and a good AI smart assistant can effectively allocate tasks and optimize time management.

3. How to choose the right AI assistant for you

Consider your own work needs and budget: Different AI smart assistants have different functions and prices. Therefore, you should consider your needs and budget before considering buying any smart assistant.

Research smart assistant brands and features on the market: Before choosing an AI smart hand, it is best to understand the brands and features on the market. This allows you to better understand which AI smart assistants fit your needs.

Observing other people's experience and feedback: After determining the AI ​​smart assistant that can meet your needs, observing other users' experience and feedback is also a very important link.

4. Case analysis of using AI smart assistant

Twitter employees use smart assistant to improve social media efficiency: Some Twitter employees have said that using the smart assistant can help them manage their accounts and track the performance of their tweets, thereby improving their social media operation efficiency.

Real estate agents use intelligent assistants to automate data analysis and process management: Real estate agents can use AI intelligent assistants to automatically process customer information and track market dynamics, so as to better understand market trends and provide customers with better services.

5. Summary and Outlook

AI smart assistants will become the standard configuration of work in the future: In the future, occupations and industries will rely more on AI smart assistants for automation. Therefore, learning and using AI smart assistants will be the skills we must master.

Change the way we work and meet the intelligent era: AI smart assistants will change the way we work, allowing us to complete tasks more efficiently, and at the same time require us to continuously learn and adapt to the changes in this new era.

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How to write a novel with an AI smart assistant

    Writing novels is an important skill for AI intelligent assistants, and AI assistants play a vital role in it. This article aims to help readers learn how to use AI assistants to write excellent novels. The following are the main contents of this article.

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【Understanding the relationship between AI assistants and novels】

     In fiction, AI assistants play an important role and have great value. Writers can leverage AI assistants to enhance emotion, character development, and story lines.

      There are many aspects involved in creating an interesting and engaging story, which can make generating helpful hints tricky. That's why wording your prompts correctly allows the AI ​​assistant to generate valuable text.

【Choose the right storyline】

      Different storylines include suspense, romance, humor, and more. Each type has its characteristics and applicable scenarios.

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【Tips and Strategies for AI Assistant】

      Outline and structure are important tools for using AI assistants to plan novels. In addition, shaping rich and attractive characters through AI assistants is also an effective method. It will also explore how AI assistants can be used to create texts that resonate emotionally and fit the mood of the story.

[edit and modification]

      Utilizing AI assistants can play an important role in the editing process. This section will provide suggestions on how to use AI assistants to optimize story rhythm, overall language style, and cut redundant content. At the same time, we will also emphasize the importance.

      You want to use a different sentence structure for many reasons. First, it makes the text more interesting to the reader. Most importantly, sentence length helps to emphasize important points or explain concepts in greater depth.

      This article summarizes the main points of this article and provides guidance. Readers are encouraged to apply what they have learned and try to use AI assistants to write their own novels. Through continuous practice and learning, you will become a skilled high-end essay writer.

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How to enable TCP BBR2 network congestion control on Windows 11

 Generally, when we use the Linux series operating system, we will install Google's BBR network congestion control software. BBR v2 version can now be enabled on Windows 11.

BBRv2 is a model-based congestion control algorithm designed for reduced queuing, low loss, and (bounded) Reno/CUBIC coexistence. Maintains a model network path using measurements of bandwidth and RTT, and (if occurring) packet loss and/or DCTCP/L4S style ECN signaling.

BBR2 is more "fair" than BBR. In the case of delay and packet loss, its speed will be much slower than BBR, and sometimes slower than the default CUBIC, so you have to test it according to your own link. It can only be regarded as something that is better than nothing.

Windows Server now uses the CUBIC congestion control algorithm by default, which is currently the most commonly used congestion control algorithm.

This article directory

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  • 2. Operation steps
    • 2.1. Windows 11
    • 2.2. Linux
  • 3. Restore settings

Related Links

Google BBR GitHub: https://github.com/google/bbr

Introduction to TCP BBR v2 Alpha/Preview


Windows 11

The requirement Windows 11is 22h2version and above.

1. Open powershell and right-click to run with administrator privileges

netsh int tcp set supplemental Template=Internet CongestionProvider=bbr2
netsh int tcp set supplemental Template=Datacenter CongestionProvider=bbr2
netsh int tcp set supplemental Template=Compat CongestionProvider=bbr2
netsh int tcp set supplemental Template=DatacenterCustom CongestionProvider=bbr2
netsh int tcp set supplemental Template=InternetCustom CongestionProvider=bbr2

2. Verify whether it is successfully opened

Get-NetTCPSetting | Select SettingName, CongestionProvider
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View the current congestion control algorithm

sysctl net.ipv4.tcp_congestion_control

If the output is sysctl net.ipv4.tcp_congestion_controlsomething like that, it means our current algorithm is CUBIC and we edited /etc/sysctl.confto change it to BBR.


save and apply

sysctl -p

Checking again we will see

net.ipv4.tcp_congestion_control = bbr

The above shows that net.ipv4.tcpit can actually be used in IPv6.

restore settings

Sometimes unexpected problems may occur after opening.

We can enter the following command in powershell to restore.

netsh int tcp set supplemental template=internet congestionprovider=CUBIC
netsh int tcp set supplemental template=internetcustom congestionprovider=CUBIC
netsh int tcp set supplemental template=Datacenter congestionprovider=CUBIC
netsh int tcp set supplemental template=Datacentercustom congestionprovider=CUBIC