Use shadowsocks, build ipv6 VPN, ipv4 ipv6, download speed to 100M

Basic effect

  • In the case of IPv6 network, the use of IPv6 network to access the Internet (for the campus network, do not produce IPv4 traffic).
  • In the case of local IPv6 network, set the Thunder and other download tools using shadowsocks proxy, download speed up to 100Mbps.
  • In the case of local IPv4 network only, you can access all IPv6 sites.
  • In the case of local IPv4 network only, set the Thunder and other download tools using shadowsocks proxy, download speed to reach the local maximum bandwidth.


  • Dual stack (also supports IPv4 and IPv6) servers.
  • If you want to use IPv6 to connect to the server locally, make sure that you have an IPv6 network.

Configure the server IPv6 address


Here DigitalOcean VPS as an example:
Created or modified after the digitalOcean this Droplet in the control panel Settingis displayed for Public IPv6 Addressthis VPS IPv6 address. It is necessary to emphasize here, IPv6 address / 64 under normal circumstances do not need.


If the local IPv6 network, then pingtheir own IPv6 address should be able to pingpass. Such as Windows ping 2001:4860:0:2001::68, macOS under ping6 2001:4860:0:2001::68.

Server-side build shadowsocks

Set up shadowsocks server can refer to the following "I wrote" or "Qiushui Yi ice" either.

I wrote it

Pay attention to modify the necessary parameters config.json, pay attention to serverthe parameters need to be set to "::"use IPv6 to .
  • Start sudo systemctl start shadowsocks-servershadowsocks: ;
  • Set boot sudo systemctl enable shadowsocks-serverShadowsocks: .

Qiushui Yi Bing

Akira Yi Bing provides a key to install shadowsocks script, relatively more convenient, refer to Shadowsocks Python version of a key installation script .
Pay attention to modify the necessary parameters config.json, pay attention to serverthe parameters need to be set to "::"use IPv6 to .
  • Start /etc/init.d/shadowsocks startshadowsocks: .

Example config.json

    "local_address": "",
    "fast_open": false

Use the shadowsocks client locally

download apps

Windows version download page: Releases shadowsocks / shadowsocks-windows .
macOS version download page: Releases shadowsocks / ShadowsocksX-NG .

Client configuration

The client clicks "Add Server", fill in "Address", "Port", "Encryption Method" and "Password". The "port", "encryption method" and "password" are the same as the server configuration previously set.
Because the server supports IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack, so the client can actually configure two server parameters, only the "address" is not the same. For IPv4, fill in the IPv4 address of the server; for IPv6, fill in the server's IPv6 address (do not need [and the ]end is not required /64).


For security purposes, the client selects the IPv4 server.
  • Windows: Select "Enable System Agent"; select "PAC", "Update Local PAC from List". If the connection is normal, then a few seconds will prompt PAC update success. In this case, set the System Agent Mode to PAC Mode.
  • macOS: Select "Update PAC from GFW list". If the connection is normal, then a few seconds will prompt PAC update success. Then check the "PAC automatic mode".
Open the browser and visit or, which can be opened soon.
And then set the client server for the IPv6 address, the same access to the site, if you can quickly open the normal, then shadowsocks configuration is successful.


The browser turns over the wall

In the PAC mode, access to the general site will be directly accessible, and visit the wall out of the site will take shadowsocks; if you need to go all shadowsocks, then only need to set the shadowsocks client to the global model.
If you want the browser (not the client) to control the Internet mode, please refer to using SwitchyOmega (Chrome).

IPv4 accesses the IPv6 site

Because the server-side open IPv6, so even if shadowsocks use IPv4, that is, the local computer through the IPv4 connection server, is still able to access the IPv6 site; here you can try to visit , should be able to quickly open.
If you can not open, you can try to shadowsocks client set to "global mode", that all access all through shadowsocks.

Thunder download accelerated

In fact, the shadowsocks client set to "global mode" has been able to achieve the Thunder download, but the effect is not ideal.
The correct way is in the Thunder "System Settings" -> "Advanced Settings" -> "Proxy Settings" in the "add" agent.
Proxy name fill, the server fill in the local address, such as the fill in the local port, such as 1080type selection Socks5; and then click the test, the test successfully click OK.
And then in the "proxy settings" will be in addition to "Thunder server connection" outside the other settings are set to use the agent ("Thunder server connection" to maintain a "direct connection"), then click on the "application agent", and then "OK" The
Then you can casually next big point of the file test speed, of course, download resources from the best foreign, shadowsocks configuration for the ipv6, the download speed is generally more than 10M / s.
The principle is very simple, and now IPv6 is generally free to use the major colleges and universities, and IPv6 bandwidth is 100M, that is, the theoretical download speed of 12.8M / s; and local computers and servers connected through IPv6, the general is to achieve maximum bandwidth, Access to IPv4 resources, you can think that the bandwidth is infinite, so the bottleneck is education network IPv6 100M broadband. When using shadowsocks, proxies and direct access can work at the same time, so the theoretical maximum is not 100M, but superimposed IPv4 bandwidth, such as may reach 110M.
Similarly, if shadowsocks is using ipv4, it is clear that the download speed can reach the maximum local download speed.

Download IPv6 resources

Want to download BT mail from North Post This is no problem.
Set the download tool, such as UT's proxy: "Settings" -> "connection", proxy type select Socks5, proxy IP, port 1080, etc., be sure to "use proxy for the host name query", "for the point-to-point connection using the agent" Tick!
So download the North Post on the content will be able to easily reach the local maximum bandwidth, no longer limited to IPv4, IPv6.


PAC update failed

This problem is usually the client is currently set up the server connection is not on, try to use the IPv4 address of the server, check whether the local ping 通 server, check the port number, encryption and password is correct.

The wall of the site still can not open

In the shadowsocks client, select "Show Log" to view the specific error message:
  • Show that the remote server does not correspond, consider the ping service address, if the ping does not need to troubleshoot the error.
  • Display server problems such as server positive rejection, then consider server firewall. For Ubuntu, it is very likely that UFW issues that need to be used to ufw disableturn off UFW.

IPv6 can not access six-dimensional space

Six-dimensional space seems to be shielding the outside address, you can try to visit

IPv4 sites can be accessed, but IPv6 sites can not be accessed

If the six-dimensional space can not be accessed, the reference question "IPv6 can not access the six-dimensional space"
First need to determine the local use of shadowsocks visit the site, visit to see if the IP address is the server address, if the local IP address, indicating that the current IPv4 access directly to the local network, of course, can not access the IPv6 website The.
If you really use the shadowsocks access, try ssh connected to the server, ping the IPv6 site, to determine whether the server can access the IPv6 network.

Thunder download set up IPv6 proxy, download speed is slow

If you download the P2P resources, the download speed is normal (due to P2P upload upload real-time upload).
Try to download the resources from the server, such as video, under normal circumstances can go to 12M / s.

Thunder download tips resource error

Will Thunder proxy settings in the "Thunder server connection" is set to "direct connection" can be.

Local can not connect to the server through IPv6

First determine the local IPv6 network available, that is, the local IPv6 address at the beginning of 2001, the browser can access [2001:da8:215:4078:250:56ff:fe97:654d](including left and right brackets).
And then determine the server-side configuration file serverfield value is "::".

Local can only connect to the server through IPv6 (IPv4 can not connect to the server)

This problem usually occurs in shadowsocks-libev, where you need to configure the serverfields in the configuration file as ["::0",""].

Use shadowsocks after opening the site slow

If the local IPv4 network, then consider the use of PAC mode, that is not the wall of the site directly to the local IPv4 network, the wall to go shadowsocks.
Or try to optimize the network connection on the server side, refer to Ubuntu 16.04 under Shadowsocks server-side installation and optimization .

Some IPv6 sites can be connected, some Rom

One possible reason is that some IPv6 sites have restricted IP, such as denying access to outside IP.
Another reason is that some IPv6 sites are actually IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack, that is, IPv4 can also visit, such as

uTorrent set the agent after the red

In the uTorrent proxy settings will "for the host name query using the agent", "for the point-to-point connection using the proxy" tick.

4G cellular network agent can not open the site

The cellular network does not support IPv6, so only the IPv4 address of the connection server can be set.

Can the phone connect to the server using IPv6?

Whether the phone can connect to the server through IPv6 depends on whether the entire connection process of the mobile phone to the server supports IPv6. The most important place in a phone to the router, and between the router and the server.
First, the router itself can get IPv6 address, in simple terms, inserted in the router on the cable directly to the computer, the computer to be able to directly access the IPv6 address.
Second, the router to support IPv6, that is, after the phone connected to the router through WiFi, the phone can automatically get an IPv6 address as at the beginning of 2001.

At home / use the cellular network can be connected to shadowsocks, but in the company / school will not take

This is usually the company / school blocked the port (very port or large number of ports), you can try to change the server shadowsocks port, such as 80,443 and other commonly used port number.

Windows can be used, but to the macOS under the die

Make sure the client is ShadowsocksX-NG instead of ShadowsocksX.

WiFi supports IPv6, but the phone can not connect to the server via IPv6

If it is Android device, limited by the device manufacturer and Android version, not all Android devices support IPv6. You can try to directly access some IPv6 sites to test whether the phone supports IPv6.

Does the computer have an IPv6 network that can be shared with mobile phones via WiFi?

Computer through its own wireless card, or USB card to send WiFi signal, the vast majority of cases are not support IPv6, that is, even after the phone even IPv4 address, so the phone can not be directly connected to the server through IPv6.