HUAWEI CLOUD domain name DNS resolution uses ACME.SH to issue free LETSENCRYPT free SSL certificate now the Huawei cloud parsing API was added DNS automatic verification system, Huawei cloud DNS domain name parsing can already use free to issue letsencrypt free SSL certificate. Methods as below:

Use HuaweiCloud API to set environment variables:

ProjectID can be found at here It seems that project ID can be retrieved automatically, but this dnsapi does not implement it yet.


  1. export HUAWEICLOUD_Username =< Your Username > # Usually hwxxxxxx
  2. export HUAWEICLOUD_Password =< Your Password >
  3. export HUAWEICLOUD_ProjectID =< A Project ID >


Issuing a certificate:

  1. #To issue a cert: Single domain name
  2.  ./ acme . sh - issue - dns dns_huaweicloud - d example . com - d www . example . com
  3.   #To issue a wildcard cert: Pan-domain
  4.  ./ acme . sh - issue - dns dns_huaweicloud - d example . com - d *. example . com


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