In 2022, the developer accounts of China's four android app stores were registered

 There are many manufacturers in the Android Market, and the registration resources and requirements of each market are generally the same. Therefore, several commonly used application store developer registration addresses and processes are sorted out (Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo)


Picture [1] - account registration of developers of four major android app stores in China in 2022 - Ruichi miscellaneous magazine

1、 Huawei

1. Overseas official website of Huawei developer Alliance:

Domestic official website of Huawei developer Alliance:

2. Materials required

1) Business license, tax registration and organization code (for the enterprise business license certificate with three certificates in one, there is no need to upload the tax registration certificate and organization code certificate)

2) Mobile phone number and email address (registered in any way)

3) Front and back of legal person id card (legal person with Hong Kong and Macao nationality is required to hold the front and back of pass)

4) Corporate bank account (corporate payment authentication required)

At present, it is not supported for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas enterprises to register the account of domestic mainland developer alliance. You can register on the overseas official website of Huawei developer alliance.

2、 Millet

1. Xiaomi Developer Platform domestic:

Xiaomi Developer Platform at home and abroad: Mi developer

2. Materials required

1) Business license

2) Front photo of legal person holding ID card

3) Mobile number

4) Mailbox (certified developers need to bind mailbox)

3. Precautions during registration

1) Face scanning real name authentication of enterprise legal person or authorized agent scanning real name authentication is required

2) Corporate account verification

First: if there is a corporate account, verify the corporate payment

Second: no corporate account operation method

a. Upload the enterprise certification application form (download, print and seal), and mail the paper materials after passing the examination (it is troublesome and not recommended)

b. Select id card verification (no need to send paper materials)

3、 Oppo Market

1. Oppo Developer Platform domestic:

Oppo Developer Platform abroad: oppo developer

2. Materials required

1) Business license

2) the applicant's mobile phone number, mailbox, and ID number.

3) applicant Alipay scan code face real name authentication

5) Corporate bank account (corporate payment authentication required)

If the enterprise legal person is registered residence in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan or overseas, the Chinese mainland's identity card can be uploaded, and the real legal person's valid and valid certificate (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan identity card, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan's passport, passport or other certificates) will be HD. Company registration information (1. business license, 2. account number, 3. registered mailbox, 4. Chinese mainland identity card, the reverse color photo, 5.OPPO developer account application letter sent to Email so that we can check (email title - developer account registration)

4、 Vivo Market

1. Domestic developer platforms:

Overseas Developer Platform: (domestic accounts cannot be used on foreign platforms, and foreign platform regions can choose by themselves according to their needs)

2. Materials required

1) Photo of the original business license (three in one) certificate. If a copy is provided, please affix the official seal of the company

2) Front photo of legal person holding ID card

3) Video of legal person holding ID card + video of legal person holding business license

4) Mailbox