Tutorial: Gsuite Free Edition Using Upgrade to Change Primary Domain and Downgrade Back to Free Subscription

 Disclaimer: Operation is risky, please consider carefully and operate with caution, for reference only, and do not assume all responsibility

Image[1] - Tutorial: Gsuite Free Edition uses an upgrade to change the primary domain name and then downgrade back to a free subscription - Rich Magazine

## Specific steps

1. First click https://admin.google.com/?action_id=SE_SELF_TRANSITION&utm_source=helpcenter , this link, upgrade your subscription to Business Starter Edition, click OK to complete the upgrade.

2. After the upgrade is complete, click the sidebar, click Account-Domain-Admin Domain, click the Add Domain Name button, add an auxiliary domain name (you must select an auxiliary domain name), and then complete the domain name verification, the domain name verification takes a long time (I probably verified After half an hour), after the verification is successful, you can now click the Replace Primary Domain Name button to replace the primary domain name with your newly added secondary domain name.

3. Check if there is any outstanding payment in the subscription and settle it (you need to bind the payment method, if there is no outstanding payment, you should not need to bind the payment method) (I bought the account on the Internet before, and there is an outstanding payment of 10 dollars The money, luckily it's not much, I paid him in full, otherwise I'd throw the number away

4. Switch the language of the page to English (this is very important, you cannot see the button to switch back to free in Chinese), on the Google account management page, personal information - other information and preferences in Google services - web version General Preferences - Language, switch to English here.

5. In English, click the question mark button at the top of the page, and the robot customer service window will pop up. At this time, click Contact support, then click Questions about G Suite legacy free edition, and then click I used G Suite legacy free edition for personal use (this step Don't click wrong!!!), then click Yes, after clicking yes, a button to restore free will pop up, the button says Switch back to GSuite Legacy free, click this button, a small box will pop up, and after a while, it will pop up A green checkmark will appear, telling you that the recovery has been successful. At this time, it has actually been successfully restored to the free version, but it is best to look at the next steps to verify.

6. After the restoration is completed in the previous step, check the mailbox of your gsuite administrator account. If you successfully restore the free version, you will receive two emails at this time, one is to tell you that they have received your case and help you handle it The content of the other email is very important (this email generally means that there is no way to switch back to the free version at the moment, but you can keep the current subscription version and do not have to pay for the account for the foreseeable future), be sure to save it Great email! !

7. This email is the proof that you have successfully retained the free version. Be sure to save it. Next, we go back to the main interface of the gsuite administrator console and check the Billing box. You can see the Estimated upcoming bill on 1 Jun 2022. The renewal amount is $0.00USD.

## Conclusion

If all the above steps are completed without error, you will successfully retain the free business starter subscription, the account space is 30G, and there is the function of switching the main domain name, and the function of adding users is also normal.